Curator Hero

A social mobile art history trivia game for adults

Master’s Project in Human-Computer Interaction, Spring 2015


Art gives us insight into other worlds, times, and perspectives. Works from different cultures and times show us how people live now and how they used to live, the differences between and parallels to the viewer’s life. Art can provide a deep emotional interchange between artist and audience.

Individuals with an interest in art appreciation and art history have a variety of opportunities to pursue those interests, including museum visits, books, classes, online resources, and mobile apps.

The Problem

The art world is vast and complex, and can be difficult to navigate – if a person is interested in learning more about art, they may not know where to start, and even if someone is very interested in art, they might only experience it at certain times, such as when visiting a museum.

Introducing Curator Hero

For my master’s thesis, I designed and evaluated a novel game — Curator Hero. This social mobile art history trivia game for adults encourages engagement with the visual arts. Curator Hero promotes art appreciation and education by encouraging players to understand and enjoy art while learning about artists, techniques, and the historical context of the artworks.

Players can compete against friends and strangers or engage in solo play to collect artworks and consume the broad and potentially intimidating world of art history in small, delicious bites. The game can be played for short or long periods of time, in public and in private, and allows the player to learn as much as they want, whenever they want – they can take in a small amount of information in a quick round on the bus, or relax and focus on expanding their knowledge with a longer session after school or work.

Since opinions about art are personal and subjective, some viewers might find certain works or styles unappealing. This game provides a variety of options to allow players to discover and learn about art that appeals to them.


See the evolution of Curator Hero.

Video Walkthrough

Live Prototype

Check out the Axure prototype on AxShare.